Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hey there-

The boys and I were invited to a dinner party the other day.

It was a group of young widows who have been getting together for a couple of years for support and friendship.

"They are a group of women whose husbands have died," I explained to Henry and Arthur at breakfast. " Daddy."

"They are all widows," Henry responded.

"Yes, they are all widows," I agreed.

"What do you call a husband whose wife died?"

"A widower," I told him.

Henry nodded silently and returned to his Cocoa Bumpers and comics. I returned to my Dear Abby and chai.

After a few minutes of contemplation Henry looked up from his bowl.

"What are we called, Arthur and me?"

Good question. We decided they couldn't be orphans because they still have me and don't have to live in an orphanage. (although sometimes they act like I make them eat gruel) But what are they? What is their label? How do they explain the situation in a word?

The three of us couldn't come up with anything. We went on about our day and I forgot about the conversation, but Henry didn't.

We drove to the party later that day with Arthur giving us his usual constant commentary. Henry suddenly piped up from the back seat.

"The Fantastic Fatherless, that's what we are."

I like that he put the word fantastic in the label. I could think of other words; strong, insightful, sensitive, wise.

Fantastic, I love it!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fantastic fatherless! I used to call our crowd the widows and orphans dinner, but it freaked my mother out. What a great name. Thank you.

    Mary Pluta