Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Widow Crap

Hey there,

So many people don't understand.

They don't understand why Mike wants to put up with all of this "widow crap". Why would he want to speak on this topic? Why would either of us? Don't we want to leave it behind? Move on? When will we be done with this already?!?! Why would we even attend Camp Widow, can't we think of better ways to spend time in San Diego with no children?

The summation is that people just don't understand, people who have not lived through the untimely death of a spouse that is.

Following are a few excerpts from comments we received from widowed folks who attended our workshop entitled "Plan B; Remarriage after Widowhood"

"You send an incredible message of hope and that's what this is all about."

"I especially appreciate the openness and candor you and Mike have! Sometimes I felt like I was laughing a little too loudly!"

"The relationship that you and Mike have gives me hope that my Plan B is out there too. :) You are both such an inspiration to me!"

And that is why we do this. If we can give just one person hope that there is happiness and contentment and humor out there after such an incredible loss it is worth it.

After Bob died I remember people saying to me; "You are living my worst nightmare". Well, I was living mine too, thank you very much. But Mike and I "put up with all of this widow crap" because we want folks to know that after you wake from the nightmare, dreams still can come true.

And besides, widows rock! Just ask Mike!

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  1. I think Mike went just to gain an entourage:)

  2. You were both such an inspiration. I didn't attend your workshop, I'm not at the Plan B stage yet - maybe next Camp Widow. It was a pleasure to meet you both ...... South Africa !!!

  3. I'd like to add another voice to the chorus... many thanks to you and Mike for sharing your story. It was hilarious and charming... and hopeful.

    Thank you as well for sharing some of the practical details, like how you both handled the chair-in-the-night situation. More often than not, it's those kind of details of developing a new relationship that trip me up.

    Take care,


  4. Oh, yeah!! You blogged again!! And I meant every word I wrote; you give me such hope to love a 2nd time!! You really have no idea how much you have encouraged me! I sooooo appreciate your willingness to continue to share your story!
    Jenn W. :) I cannot wait to read your book!!! :)

  5. LOL Wendy!!!
    Jenn W.