Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hey there-

Just when you thought you have heard everything, along comes a ten year old to prove you wrong.

Mike and I were on the committee to help plan Horizon Home Care and Hospice's annual Life Lights benefit for this year. The event raises funds for their Grief Resource Center which is a fabulous facility offering support groups, counseling and resources for the bereaved.

Friday night was a perfect cool clear fall evening at the beautiful Milwaukee Zoo where the event is held. Mike and I were in charge of one of the bars so the Aunts brought the boys to the event. It is truly a fabulous fundraiser with good food, good music, a sunset stroll through the zoo and plenty of opportunities to honor loved ones who have died.

One of the opportunities offered was to write a letter to your loved one and place it in a treasure chest kept safely at the center. Thinking Henry might like to write a note to Bob I went to find him among all the folks enjoying their fish fry.

"Do you want to write a letter to daddy?" I asked, once I had located them. "They have paper and pencils out there so you can write him a note."

"Do you mean my dead real one or my fake live one?" Henry asked in the sincere way he has. He needs to be certain about the expectations.

WOW! This is an interesting turn of events. Henry has always been so clear on who his dad is and who Mike is.

Initially, I was conflicted with his question, in defense of Bob I suppose. Plus, considering the event we were at I thought who the letter was for was rather obvious.

Not obvious to Henry.

Now, before all of you Mike supporters get all up in arms about the use of the word "fake" in Henry's description I would like to point out what a genuine monumental moment this was for Henry, Mike and myself. When Henry was asked to write a note for his daddy he was not sure if I meant Bob or Mike.......WOW!, again.

Fake, real, dead, alive, Henry's got it all.

Lucky boy. Lucky us.

Thanks for checking in-



  1. Wow! I agree! Not sure what to say, except that IS interesting! I am so glad that you write and share with me, thank you! Besides giving hope, I love to read about these new ideas, and please know how much I appreciate you!!! (And, am I included as a Mike supporter?) :)
    Love ya!
    Jenn Wilberding

  2. I always say that you can never have too many grandparents.

    You can never have too many adults loving you... so you can never have too many dads :)

  3. If it looks like a Dad, acts like a Dad, walks like a Dad, talks like a Dad and loves like a Dad - well, that's a Dad, regardless of the adjective put in front of the word.
    Lois W.

  4. That is HUGE! Henry deserves to have a fake dad, since his real one can't be with him. Mike deserves to play that part. That is monumental for you guys!