Friday, January 28, 2011

The Dentist

Hey there,

Funny story.

I brought my mother-in-law (Bob's mom)to the dentist recently. She has some complications going on with her teeth and gums and dentures. I will spare you all the details of what is going on and suffice it to say we are trying to keep her from needing a full set of dentures and that isn't always easy when a person is 87 years old. (brush and floss people, brush and floss)

Anyway, following the appointment the dentist was very kindly and patiently giving me the information about what we should be doing to care for her gums and current partials and what we should do if there is a problem.

I must have given the dentist some kind of look like this was too much information for me because she stopped suddenly and said;

"Maybe your husband could call me with any questions or concerns."

At which point I continued my blank stare and thought to myself;

"Why in the world would Mike call you about Bob's mom's teeth?"

At which point the very nice dentist must have decided I was either daffy or just plain stupid since she felt the need to clarify; "You know, her son, have her son give me a call."

Ah, I now understood the confusion.

"Yes, I will," I said, smiling, almost laughing, because what I really wanted to say was; "Listen lady, if you hear from her son you let me know because I have some things I need to say to him!"

Sometimes my worlds have collided so seamlessly that I don't even know who people are talking about when they say the word "husband". Current, late, Bob, Mike, live, dead, first, second, it's all the same to me apparently.

Thanks for checking in-



  1. I remember my mom dealing with things like that after my dad died. It's good that you still have a relationship with his mom though.

    visions unto myself

  2. I still refer to Mike (late husband) as my "husband" which sometimes bothers my boyfriend (also named Mike). To refer to them by name would be too confusing, as you can see. I am not sure what to refer to my late husband as. I dont like saying "late" cause that causes the aww's and im sorry's and all that stuff, and I dont like people feeling sorry for me, I REFUSE to say Ex-husband because we did not divorce and niehter of us "wanted" to leave the other, he wasnt my first husband, but I dont want to refer to him as the second because I think he deserves more credit than that. If I were to re-marry I will have to figure this out so I dont confuse myself.

  3. Catrina- it does get confusing doesn't it? I understand not wanting to use "ex". And I hear you about "late" and the sympathy looks. I guess I just figured "late" explained it all in one word, it seemed the simplest. It is much easier if the two don't have the same name. :-)

    Kara- I do feel very lucky to be so close with Bob's family. Lucky for all of us.