Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Four Letter Word

Hey there-


The four letter word of relationships after widowhood.

I talk about using an "inside voice" when those nasty thoughts occur. Unless, of course, the comparison is in the live guys favor, and then use the outside voice.

Well, my inside voice was rather loud last night and I'm just gonna let it out, so be prepared.

There are times that I miss Bob more than others. The boys birthdays, Christmas concerts, school conferences, our anniversary, the usual stuff.

And then there is football season.


I really didn't appreciate Bob's lack of interest in major league sports enough.

Before all of you Mike fans get your undies in a bunch I will say this:

Last night as the Packers played the Vikings (I hear it was a big game) Mike folded some laundry and sorted through the unmatched socks pile. With five children the sock task could actually take an entire football game and I hate it!

Gotta give the guy credit for speaking my love language, something Bob rarely thought about.

So, I did it, I compared out loud. That wasn't so bad was it?

I feel better anyway.

Thanks for checking in-


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