Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two Chai Day

Hey there,

March 29th was the 5th anniversary of Bob's death.

I have declared this date to forever be a Two Chai Day.

Having allowed myself one chai per day since starting the habit when Bob and I lived in Portland, I looked at my friend, Mark, dubiously when he reached for my mug to froth me up a second one the morning Bob died. A group of us sat around the dining room table in the early morning light waiting for the undertakers to arrive.

"Irene, I think it's a two chai day," he said to me.

That steaming mug of cinnamon goodness was so comforting in my hands that morning as I tried to explain to the ever curious Henry what "those" men were "doing to daddy".

So every March 29th I treat myself to two chai lattes. It is my small way of honoring the day that Bob's struggle ended. It is also a small, private way to treat myself and honor the struggles I have conquered since that first Two Chai Day.

As my life proceeds and the days and years fill up with activities that don't include Bob it gets harder to honor these moments of my past, but no less important.

Thank you to Mike (my sainted live husband) who understands the importance of these dates both for me and my boys.

Thank you for giving me my Two Chai Day this year.

Thanks for checking in-


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