Monday, April 13, 2009

Website Launch

Hey there-

I am heading to Dallas, TX on Wednesday April 15th to present on the topic of the use of essential oils with grief and loss. The conference is the Assoc. of Death Ed. and Counseling.

"Healing with Scents" I call it.

I have been a bit crazed getting all of my information consolidated and looking pretty. With the help of many friends and their artistic abilities things are coming together.

The website is up and mostly functional for the conference! The big launching! Woo, hoo! There are still a few kinks to be worked out but people can check it out at and can even make a purchase if they like! Yikes!

It is very exciting! I am bringing Mike as my marketer and Henry and I have been busy making 1 oz. sample jars of lotion to give to people at the conference who might be interested. Henry is quite good with the shrink wrap and loves to use the hair dryer. It is a family business after all.

I will let people know how it all went when we return.

Please be patient with the kinks and let me know of any glaring mistakes.

Thanks for checking in.


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