Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hey there-

Our church had their annual "Lessons on Loss" this morning during religious education for the children.

Today the teacher asked Henry's class to write a poem about someone, or something, that they had lost. Henry chose the Haiku. With his permission I am sharing some of these below. I think he was excited at the idea of the poems being "published", although when he heard there was no money involved his enthusiasm did wane a bit.

I am very sad
My father passed away
I cry every day
When she said he's dead
I didn't know what to do
I had no idea
She is very sad
My mother mourns away now
She is very sad
I had no idea
So I tried to cheer her up
It did not work well
(that is my personal favorite)

In the past I have approached this series with some trepidation. Mainly because my kids are the only ones in their class to have lost a parent. Most children talk about a pet, maybe a grandparent, and one child mentioned his dead iPod. I kid you not.

Henry proudly marched up to me in the sanctuary to show me his poems. I happened to be talking to the mom of the dead iPod at the time. As I teared up reading Henry's poems I heard her gently remind her child that some people had experienced much more significant losses. Henry seemed unfazed by the difference between the two boys losses and, in fact, told me the story of how the iPod had died on the way home. (it involved a soda and Mentos)

I can learn so much from the children. While I worry and fret about my poor son having to talk about his dad's death while others talk about lost electronics, my son seems to find sympathy for every one's loss, no matter how small.

My lesson for the day was all loss is significant.

But come iPod?

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PS- I can't seem to make the computer do a space in between each haiku? So you will just have to pretend it is there. Sorry.


  1. I love Henry's haiku. He is a great writer--just like his mom!

  2. I really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing. Tell Henry he is a very good writer and maybe some day will earn money at it.